BICAS is officially regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).It is a criminal offence for a person to provide immigration advice or services in the UK unless their organisation is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) or is otherwise covered by the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999. Members of certain professional bodies may give immigration advice without registering with OISC.

026 (1)

BICAS is the Recognition of commitment to quality and professionalism.

  • BICAS is the Quality of qualification acknowledged amongst UK education institutions.
  • BICAS is the British Council, Education UK Certificate Holder to evidence successful completion.

The British Council is committed to working with quality agents who represent UK institutions. Our work with agents, advisors, counsellors and consultants centres around promoting and supporting quality, professionalism and integrity. Training is a core component of our strategy.

The British Council supports and works collaboratively with education agents and advisors for international students to the UK. Our aim is to facilitate access to the best agents for students, parents and all accredited UK education providers. Our agent training programmes are rigorous and highly valued by all of our partners. Agents on this list have all successfully passed our training programmes, starting with the Education UK Certificate for agents / advisors, and subsequently the British Council Advanced Agent Certificate.

BICAS participated in the workshop on “Effective Communication Skills” organised by the British Council .

This leadership programme aims to improve leadership skills of a visiting higher education delegation from Pakistan. The programme will cover:

  • Leadership styles: effective leadership skills and behaviours for future leaders.
  • Personal and professional branding and public relations; developing personal brands and ways to market yourself; effective use of social media.
  • Practicing multiple facets of public speaking; social entrepreneurship.
  • Resume-writing workshop and practice interviewing; importance of body language and personal appearance.
  • Product development, communication, networking, decision-making.
  • Developing strategic thinking and planning; team building, conflict management.

025 BICAS is incorporated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan Under Section 32 of the Companies Ordinance , 1984(XLVII of 1984) on 21st Day of December Two Thousand Nine in Pakistan.PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY

Acts, Ordinance, President’s Orders and Regulations
Islamabad, the 26th December, 1997

No. F.9(51)/97-Legis.- The following Act of Majilis-e-Shoora (Parliament) received the assent of the Acting President on the 19th December, 1997, is hereby published for general information: Act No. XLII of 1997.

An Act to provide for the establishment of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and to provide for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

WHERE AS it is expedient to provide for the establishment of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan for the beneficial regulation of the capital markets, superintendence and control of corporate entities and for matters connected therewith and incidental there to;

BICAS is an ICEF approved Agency & Also IATC Certificate Holder.The IATC is a practical, professional training course for agency-based student counsellors. It provides student counsellors with:An understanding of the overall international education market and the main destination countries for international students

  • The skills and research parameters to analyse destination countries and their education products and processes
  • The functional dynamics of dealing with students, education institutions, and governments.
  • NOTE: It is beyond the scope of the IATC to provide specific information about the institutions, regulations, documents or procedures unique to each destination country. This is a general course to provide a foundation for dealing with all destination countries. The IATC provides the student counsellor with practical training in the general principles and functions common to most destination countries, and provides links to each country for detailed follow-up research and practical application.