Navitas — A Global Education Provider

Navitas is a leading global education provider that offers an extensive range of educational services through three major Divisions to students and professionals including university programs, creative media education, professional education, English language training and settlement services.

Navitas-University Programs

The University Programs Division is a leader in pre-university, managed campus and university pathway programs offering more than 23,000 students globally the support to create opportunities through lifelong learning.

The Division operates 32 colleges across Australia and in the UK, US, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

Extensive research and tracking has found that approximately 90 percent of all Navitas pathway college students’ transition to a partner university and 95 percent of those then successfully graduate.

Navitas- SAE Institute

Through 54 schools around the world SAE and Qantm offer Higher Education and vocational education opportunities across the major fields of audio production, film production and creative media.

Navitas- Professional and English Programs (PEP)

Navitas provides quality vocational training and higher education – from certificate and diplomas through to masters degrees – coupled with placement services. Courses are diverse including health, criminology, counselling, psychology and social work. Highly ranked English as second language courses for international students are taught as well as English language, settlement and work preparation programs for migrants and refugees.

PEP also includes a corporate business arm consisting of the Navitas Resources Institute which provides clients with the design and development of programs to build workforce capability, and Cadre which develops test online learning and knowledge sharing solutions.

Navitas Education Trust (NET)

The Navitas Education Trust (NET) was established in 2013 as a vehicle for Navitas to support charitable organisations and activities. Navitas has committed to provide annual funds to the NET, some of which will be used to support education based programs in partnership with charitable organisations and some of which will be invested to generate funds for future programs.

The NET management committee, comprised of three Board members and chaired by the CEO, funded two initiatives in the 2014 financial year:

  1. Partnering with Room to Read to build libraries in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Vietnam; and
  2. Developing a scholarship program with the Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) to support Australian students from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter tertiary education.

Organisations can apply for grants from the NET by submitting applications by the 15th of February each year.

Navitas- Enviornment


Although Navitas has a network of more than 120 campuses and colleges around the world the majority of these are leased or owned by partners. Within this constraint Navitas aims to:

  • Ensure sustainability is included in design and construction guidelines, and where possible, all design materials will come from sustainable, low energy use resources;
  • Ensure that contractors used in construction and maintenance demonstrate sustainability credentials as part of tender or contract establishment; and
  • Introduce energy savings through the introduction of energy efficient equipment and education.

As a part of this sustainability strategy Navitas has:

  • commenced measurement of key environmental outputs such as energy usage and will report on these in future reports;
  • is supporting its staff at a college level by providing information about ways to reduce energy consumption; and
  • has commenced monitoring the generation of general waste at a college level, with the view of finding ways to improve waste management.

Student experience and outcomes

Student experience and outcomes

Navitas utilises a range of annual surveys and studies to monitor and ensure key academic performance indicators are met. External benchmarking involves comparing key academic performance indicators across Navitas colleges while internal benchmarking takes place between the individual colleges and their partner universities.

Within University Programs, pass rates and retention target rates (the rate of students moving from semester to semester) are set at >75%. In the 2014 calendar year both of these targets were exceeded.

Navitas routinely participates in global student surveys as a way of benchmarking our performance against the sector in all key countries. In the most recent i-graduate survey of more than 1.5 million students and 1,200 institutions globally Navitas scored well above the sector average in many areas including quality of teachers, course content, learning support and work experience. Results also indicate that student satisfaction with academic outcomes and support services has also been improving steadily for many years.

Furthermore, over the 2014-2015 financial year, there was continued delivery of strong student experience and academic outcomes including higher than 90% progression rates to university and retention rates of over 85% for University Programs, and continued improvement of Net Promoter Scores for Professional and English Programs, and SAE.

Additionally a Professional and English Programs English college was ranked number one globally for English language delivery in the 2013 i-graduate English Language Barometer survey of 17,000 students. Navitas English received the number one overall ranking, the highest ranking achievable, against 122 other institutions.

Navitas wealth distribution

Since 1995 total royalties paid to university partners have exceeded $1bn. In 2015, royalties paid to our university partners increased 15%.

As a leading global provider of education services Navitas plays a vital economic role in its communities. Annually wealth generated by Navitas is distributed as follows:

FY15 $m FY14 $m Change %
Operating revenue 980.3 878.2 12
Cost of services and other external costs (262.7) (214.2) 23
Total wealth created 717.6 664.0 8
Payments to university and consortia partners 174.7 159.0 10
Payments to teaching and academic staff 236.6 201.0 18
Payments to other employees 147.0 133.5 10
Payments to shareholders – dividends 73.4 73.2 0
Payments to governments – income taxes 39.6 32.1 23
Reinvested as depreciation, amortisation and retained earnings 46.3 65.2 (39)
Total wealth distributed 717.6 664.0 8

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